I get asked a lot of questions about the beer I choose for our taps. I’ve answered a few of the most common ones below.

How Often Do Your Beers Change?

At CoMO Growlers & Pints, we strive to bring you beers you’ve never had before or rarely get a chance to drink. I believe drinking craft beer should be an adventure. I’m always hunting for a new favorite or something truly unique and with the huge number of breweries we now have in the United States it’s a lot easier than it once was. That’s one of the reasons I love the app Untappd. It allows me to keep track of all the beers I’ve tried and what I thought of them. If you’re a beer explorer like me, you should really download the app. To assist you with your quest, we replace our beers with something completely different every time a keg runs dry. That way you’ll always have something new to try when you come in.

How Do You Find So Many Beers I’ve Never Heard Of?

In order to fulfill our mission of bringing you new and different beer, I spend a lot of time picking the ones that are right for our tap list. I start each week by combing through all of my distributors’ inventory. I look for beer you won’t easily find in a 6 pack on a store shelf. Limited releases and keg only offerings are ideal candidates. Next, I try to predict what beers other bars in town are likely to have and cross them off my list. From what’s left, I look for interesting beers in a wide range of styles that can satisfy what a craft beer drinker might be looking for when they come in. I’m always on the lookout for a new brewery, especially the little guys who can’t afford to bottle or can. I’ve been known to go to the breweries personally and talk them into giving me beer for our tap list. That’s how I was able to bring in Ferguson and Greer. This keeps our menu one of kind!

Why Don’t I See Any Local Beers?

Let me answer that by first saying, I love and support our hometown brewers! They make outstanding beer, but to me local isn’t just about who’s in your backyard. I consider any brewery in the state to be local and Missouri has amazing breweries that deserve attention. You’ll always find several MO brews on our tap list and they will be beers you can’t find at the grocery store or on every other tap handle in town. When a CoMO brewer has a great limited beer, I jump on it!

Hopefully, this answers some of the questions you’ve had about our tap list. Know that I work very hard to give you a chance to try something new. I haven’t had a single week that I’ve been unable to put a new beer on the menu and most weeks I change out 4 – 6. So, come join the adventure with us and let’s find your new favorite together!

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