What is a filling station?

A filling station is a special type of bar that specializes in draft craft beer and growler filling. When you come in you can head to our tasting room and try any beer we have on tap. If you have the time, grab a pint or flight and hang out with us. When you are ready to go, get your growler filled with your favorite beer and take it wherever you’re headed. Filling stations do not serve cocktails or food, however you are free to bring food in with you.

What is a growler?
The term growler was coined sometime in the 1800s to describe a metal pail with a lid used to take beer home from the local bar. Today it is a much more efficient container, but is still used to take draft beer where you’d like to drink it. They can be made of glass, ceramic, metal or plastic.
Why would I want a growler?
Many beer drinkers have noticed that draft beer tastes better than beer from a bottle or can. The main reason is the freshness. Keg beer is meant to be consumed sooner than bottles and cans. Packaged beer may also be mistreated and allowed to warm up and cool down repeatedly. Kegged beer is never pasteurized and always kept cold throughout it’s lifespan. As long as your draft beer retailer maintains the cleanliness of their lines, most beers will taste better from the tap. Growlers allow you to take that great draft flavor home with you.

If I already own a growler do I have to buy one of yours?
We fill any container between 32 and 128 ounces that is specifically designed for beer. If you are not sure whether your container is pressure rated for beer, please check with the manufacturer. Many containers in use today are not rated for carbonated beverages and can rupture. If you do not already have a growler, we have 32 and 64 ounce growlers for purchase. Both sizes are offered in either glass or tailgating/float trip friendly PET plastic.
What do I need to know about the beer in my growler?
Our filling procedure purges the growler of oxygen and provides a protective layer of carbon dioxide between your beer and the air. This ensures the beer remains fresh until you are ready to drink it. You need to make sure you keep your growler cold and out of the sunlight. Growler abuse can cause unwanted off-flavors! The beer will taste best if you drink it within a few days and empty it in one drinking session. You can reseal the growler, but it will lose much of it’s freshness within a few hours of opening.

How do I clean my growler?
As soon as you empty your growler rinse it and the cap thoroughly in hot water. There is no need to clean with soap or detergent as long as you use lots of hot water. Allow the growler to dry upside down and do not put the cap back on. When your growler is dry, store it with the cap off. Bring the growler and cap back with you for your refill. We will inspect the growler for cleanliness and sanitize it before refilling. If we think there may be bacterial growth we will swap out your growler for a new one. Don’t be offended! We just want you to get the best beer possible.

More Information?

The Brewers Association provides more growler information here:

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