Mixing Craft Beers

Here at CoMO Growlers & Pints we like to have fun with our craft beer. One of the funnest things we do is create craft beer mixes. A good rule of thumb is to try mixing a lighter beer with a darker beer, like the traditional black and tan. You also want to look for flavors in each beer that will complement the other. This is definitely the case with our Hoppy Halloween and Drunken Assault beer mixes. We combine Schlafly Caraway IPA with Ballast Point Pumpkin Down to make a truly unique beer mix called Hoppy Halloween. The roasted caraway seeds in Schlafly’s IPA really go well with the pumpkin spice in Ballast Point’s scottish ale. Our Drunken Assault pairs Mothers’s Bourbon Barrel Imperial Three Blind Mice with 4204 Main Street’s Assalted Caramel. The sweet caramel flavor in the Assalted Caramel tones down the hot bourbon burn of the Three Blind Mice and creates an amazing combination! Come in and ask for these by name or take a growler of each beer home and mix it yourself. Show the other witches and warlocks at your Halloween party how a true spellcaster mixes potions. Cheers and Happy Halloween!

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